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Handmade Jewelry with a Purpose


I (Kayla Michelle)  created my line of essential oil jewelry after more than fifteen years of suffering countless illnesses that didn’t make any sense. I  was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease and treated holistically. When the combination of natural supplements, herbs, and essential oils, were what drastically changed my health and life, I wanted to share this knowledge with everyone and help anyone else in my same position. This is how Kayla Michelle all started. 


Every piece is made with natural semi precious stones which hold “healing” properties. Every bracelet is finished with a black tourmaline bead, known to keep away negative energy. 


The esential oil jewelry is easy to use. Each piece has a lava rock stone that you place one drop of essential oil on. This stone is very porous and holds the oil in. You can enjoy the scent and benefits from the oil all day. 


               Mission Statement


To inspire a healthy and "all natural" way to approach life and bring awareness to Lyme Disease.