Is Eating Vegan Healthier?

Lately there is such a huge trend of going vegan, but is it really better for your health? I recently took the plunge toward becoming a vegan. Personally I didn't like the way eating meat made me feel and the texture/thought of the whole concept has always bothered me. But does this change of eating actually increase health benefits? I am really interested in hearing your thoughts. I did some research after I started to notice a few changes.

For myself, My hair has gotten thicker, I have more energy, and on the days I do cheat I feel overly bloated, because of that, those days are becoming less and less. I also feel full for longer and don't need to snack as much.

The vegan diet is a tricky one because you have to eat balanced and really understand how to substitute what you are taking out of your diet the healthy way. I think that is where a lot of people get the misconception that vegans "can't eat anything" It is all about understanding how to substitute and still get your vitamins you need. If you are eating an unbalanced vegan meal you might as well still be eating chicken nuggets and ice cream because chances are you are just as unhealthy as someone doing that.

I believe that It takes time, a lot of research, and understanding your body to be a successful vegan. Several studies show that if you eat correctly as a vegan you are less likely to develop many health issues later on in life including heart disease, colon and breast cancer, diabetes, and most vegans have a lower BMI %. Most health practitioners are now saying that no matter what your diet is we all need to eat more plant based and organic foods. That should tell you something also.

Most vegan cheeses are made from nuts like cashews or almonds. Think about the nutrients and how much healthier nuts are than a slice of cheese that has fat and milk in it? If you are making healthy switches I believe this is a super beneficial diet. One night I added a little of regular cheese to my dinner because I was out of my vegan cheese and the next day I was sick and bloated. I felt like I had gone out drinking the night before. It is crazy once you get yourself off of dairy and meat how much of a difference it will make on your body, at least it did for me. Cheese has always been my weakness but I always felt so gross after eating it. I have found some really good vegan cheese to buy and also some recipes to make yourself that are super easy. It's all about a slow change. That is how you get a change and a lasting change.

What are everyone's thoughts about the vegan diet? Has anyone else taken the plunge and had good or bad results?

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