A Natural and Healthy Fourth of July

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

July 4th is coming up and that means beach, BBQ's, family, lots of bad for you food, and maybe some drinking depending on how you celebrate. How can we possibly do this healthy and stay away from chemicals and processed foods? Here is how I plan on taking on this challenge:

1. THE SUN: Don't get me wrong I LOVE the sun and tanning. I very rarely ever use sunscreen (I know that's terrible) but on holidays like this where either we are usually at the beach all day or are outside most of the day I do use one. I used to make my own because it is so scary what is in store bought ones! Buttttt Young Living just released a 50 SPF sunscreen that is actually approved by the FDA! This will be in my bag this fourth of July for sure. I love making my own products but sunscreen is one of those that has just been so tricky to get it perfect so I was so happy when this was released. If you don't know, Young Living is a brand of essential oils, and they also have basically every other product you could think of all plant based and naturally made with just a few ingredients.

2. THE FOOD: Whenever I go to a BBQ or a get together where there is food I always try to bring something of my own that I know is not filled with a bunch of preservatives or chemicals. Here are some of my favorite things to bring :

- A marinated portobello mushroom, throw on the grill with everyone else's food, put between two buns, and it's just like you are eating a burger with everyone else except way healthier.

- Cauliflower tossed in BBQ sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper and thrown in the oven for about 25 min each side is a great alternative to wings. (I took this to my last BBQ and it was a hit even with the meat eaters!)

- A mixture of your favorite veggies tossed in oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper, put in some tin foil and throw on the grill when you get there.

If you are in a rush and just wanna pick something up on the way I like Trader Joe's Red pepper hummus! All time favorite of mine and they have a pretty good selection of veggie burgers as well that are frozen.

3. THE DRINKS: Let's be real, it's not the fourth of July without some alcohol. I like to add a drop of Young Living's Vitality citrus essential oil to my drinks to add to the flavor, and also get some good detox at the same time! Usually, if you squeeze a lemon or lime in your drinks you are using a good sized portion of the fruit, and most of them are very dirty if you are getting them from a restaurant or bar, and your hands are always sticky afterwards. This is why I love the oils, one drop and you are good to go. I like to add lime to a rum or tequila drink, lemon or grapefruit to vodka, and for all my beer drinkers out there, a drop of lime sure does make a difference too! I only use Young Living Vitality oils to ingest because they have gone through extensive testing and I know for sure they are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. Be careful of ingesting oils if you do not know where they are from. Even is says 100% pure therapeutic grade!

I hope this helps you plan a more natural and chemical free holiday! Please feel free to share any ideas you have in the comments section an enjoy your holiday!

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